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SHE took a leap of FAITH
and grew wings on the way down.

J. Pauly

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  Written by Lani

“According to Edward de Bono, “Creativity is breaking out of established patterns to look at things in a different way.”

The Artist Retreat in McCall, Idaho provided the most incredible opportunity for me to break away from the patterns of my everyday schedule. As a published writer of three books and the continued demands from myself, my publisher and two small beautiful children, this much needed time in McCall was what I needed to complete chapters for my next book.

McCall with its gentle snow falling outside my window to the crackle of the fireplace to the morning visits by a deer and her fawns, the experience truly allowed me to slow down and enjoy the simplicity of life’s natural beauty, and focus on my art in ways that I cannot in the city. Curling up by a warm fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate, I was able to drown out the distractions of the world around me and focus on the world I was creating on the page. I was able to finish multiple chapters in my current project and left the cabin rejuvenated and inspired to keep going. I think as artists we draw upon a deep inner well that is so often drained by the hustle and bustle of daily demands placed on us, but to escape for even a few days allows us to refill that inner well and draw upon it to create. I’m so grateful for the opportunity provided to me by A-SonGlo Foundation.

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