A-SonGlo Foundation

SHE took a leap of FAITH
and grew wings on the way down.

J. Pauly

Our Story

A-SonGlo Foundation was created out of love for and dedication to my mother Gloria and my dear friend and mentor; Amy Trice. Both of these incredible women played a vital role in my life, by their Actions, Courage, and Strengths. “Timing is Everything,” they both said to me at different times.

Both my mother and Amy believed, that to honor one-self was to bring honor to those who loved and supported you, and did whatever it took for you to succeed. It only made sense to create a Foundation that would honor my mother and Amy’s presence, and their dedication to their families and their communities. They are loved and dearly missed.

Our Name

A for Amy – 1936-2011. Chairwoman of the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho and only woman in US history to declare a war against the United States government in 1974, to regain her ancestral Kootenai homelands. A dear friend and mentor. Who forever changed my life by these simple but powerful words, "Why Not Me?" Idaho's Forgotten War Trailer on Vimeo

Son for Sonya - Activist, Filmmaker and Writer. Founder and former Director of the Women of Color Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated towards the advancement and entrepreneurial spirit of girls and women of color living in rural Idaho. Filmmaker of Idaho's Forgotten War, now in the Idaho Historical Museum; the Sofa Diaries; and the 'S' Word. SonyaRosario.com

Glo for Gloria – 1933-2010. Community Activist and Poet; dedicated to women’s rights and to earn a livable-wage. Mother of Sonya. Her love and compassion toward those who needed a kind word, a hand-up and a warm plate of food and safety; would nurture my heart and shape my critical thinking and commitment to social justice and community. Sofa Diaries Trailer on Vimeo

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