A-SonGlo Foundation

SHE took a leap of FAITH
and grew wings on the way down.

J. Pauly

In the times of COVID

"Without darkness there can be no light."

In January 2020, I was hospitalized with double-pneumonia, like so many in this country during the pandemic. Forcing me and many Artists further into deep isolation. Soon, aloneness and melancholy followed with a lack of energy and motivation to complete Artistic Projects. The world slowed down and forced many of us to prioritize; family, health and our neglected creative work.

Through deep introspection came the birth of something beautiful in honor of those gone but not forgotten; A-SonGlo Foundation honoring my mother Gloria and Amy and their “Superpowers”.

We ask that you wear your masks and protect yourself and others while on the Artist Retreat in McCall. You and your creative work are significant to Idaho’s growth and development. Be safe and come home to us.

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